Advayavada Buddhism


The Distortion of Perception — the Vipallasas

Fists Full of Sand

The vipallasas are the distortion of views, perceptions and thoughts affected by either defilements or by the words of another. So my thoughts, perceptions and especially my views about what I am now writing is an example of how these vipallasas work, because a question I was asked influenced them.

These four …  are distortions of perception, distortions of thought distortions of view…

Sensing no change in the changing,

Sensing pleasure in suffering,

Assuming “self” where there’s no self,

Sensing the un-lovely as lovely —

Gone astray with wrong views, beings

Misperceive with distorted minds.

Bound in the bondage of Mara,

Those people are far from safety.

They’re beings that go on flowing:

Going again from death to birth.

But when in the world of darkness

Buddhas arise to make things bright,

They present this profound teaching

Which brings suffering to an end.

When those with wisdom have heard this,

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