Advayavada Buddhism


How Wisdom Awakens Us From Our Dreams

Creative by Nature


We are a species who dreams, who spins stories out of our imaginations. Then, we seem to get lost in those stories, both as a species and individuals. Wisdom arises as we begin to see more clearly, our imaginations balanced by careful observations and compassion.

Buddhist teachers such as Thich Nhat Hanh suggest that the way to wake up from our illusions is to practice mindfulness. To observe the Universe directly, with our imagination playing more of a supportive role. Receptive, like how an artist watches the world carefully, drinking in the beauty, seeing the details, faults and seeds of potential that exist all around us.

Most people in modern societies seem to be hypnotized by the deceptive spell of our cultural illusions.  Civilization’s leaders are those who excel at the art of marketing, who are able to sell their visions, dreams and false promises. The vision does not need to be true to gain power, you…

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