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Tashi Norbu's Circle of Khataks suggests the performance of “Tibetanness.” Tashi Norbu’s Circle of Khataks suggests the performance of “Tibetanness.”

April 01, 2015
A new contemporary art show asks what it means to be Tibetan.

Anne Doran

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Transcending Tibet
Through April 12, 2015
Rogue Space, New York

Organizing an art show around a geographic region or ethnic group is treacherous: it can easily result in a grouping of works that otherwise have nothing in common or, worse, reinforce unwanted stereotypes. Transcending Tibet—presented by the Trace Foundation in partnership with Arthub Asia—is alert to these dangers and does a good job of avoiding most of them.

Curators David Quadrio and Paola Vanzo accomplished this by commissioning all new pieces for the show. They asked 26 Tibetan artists—living both in and outside Tibet—and…

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