Advayavada Buddhism


Altar Sutra: On Prajna: Part 3

Daniel Scharpenburg

The Prajna that is within each of us is like rain. The moisture in it hydrates every living thing. When rivers reach the ocean, the water carried by them merges into one body.

When there is a great flood, plants that don’t have deep roots are washed away. This is the case of those who don’t listen attentively when they hear teachings like these.

The Prajna in them is the same as that within the very wise, but they still fail to Awaken when they become aware of the Dharma.

Because they are deeply trapped in delusion, in the same way that a dark cloud can block us from seeing the sun.

We all have the same level of Prajna, the only difference is in regard to how much of our delusions we have cleared away.

One who is under the delusion that Buddhahood can be attained by the…

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