Advayavada Buddhism


Morphing the Buddha

Buddhist Art News


Author: By Bharath Murthy
Publisher: HarperCollins
Pages: 217

The book is a unique attempt at recording the transition of Buddhism in India as meticulously as possible. By DIVYA TRIVEDI

One of the big ironies of the history of Buddhism is its decline in the country of its origin, India. Several scholars continue to grapple with the causes behind its wane. But whatever be the reasons, it is no less perturbing to witness how the religion that was born out of the need to counter and challenge the Vedic Brahminical establishment is being gradually co-opted into Hinduism.

During his life, the Buddha (the awakened one), who laid the foundations of Buddhism, travelled extensively through the Gangetic plains preaching his Dhamma. Many of the places he visited became heritage sites, patronised by kings and followers alike.

Places such as where he gave his sermon in Sarnath (in present-day…

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