Advayavada Buddhism


Awakening from the Cult of Ignorance

Creative by Nature

“We were born to be free, not serfs and robots. We were born to build things and grow our own food, develop our skills and be creative, not to lose ourselves in shopping, mindless technologies and consumption. We are here to love and practice forgiveness, not to make war, seek revenge and take the lives of others. Here to share our wealth, to be noble and generous, not to hide behind high walls and hoard possessions.”

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We live in an age where the delusions and ignorance of modern civilizations have become the global norm.  Most of the problems in our world stem from how “civilized” humans have compartmentalized life in such a way as to hide reality from ourselves and other people. A fantasy view of reality, what Buddhists call samsara, has been packaged, marketed and sold to the masses by those in positions of influence.

This has been done on purpose, by the most powerful individuals that control human civilizations. People in governments and large…

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