Advayavada Buddhism


“Buddhist ethics” is a fraud


?Buddhist ethics? is neither Buddhist nor ethics.

?Buddhist ethics? is a fraud: a fabrication created to deceive, passed off as something valuable that it is not, for the benefit of its creators and promoters.

?Buddhist ethics? is actually a collection of self-aggrandizing strategies for gaining social status within the left side of the Western cultural divide.

?Buddhist ethics? actively obstructs Buddhists? moral and personal development. It has also deliberately obscured—and sometimes forcefully suppressed—most of Buddhism.

?Buddhist ethics? is gravely ill and will probably die shortly. In fact, I hope to drive a stake through its heart now. Its demise will open the door to new possibilities for Western Buddhism.

Some might find these statements surprising; possibly even ?controversial.? Perhaps not all readers will immediately agree. Over the next several posts, I?ll explain why they are accurate, and why they matter.

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