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The Rise of the Cultural Creatives

Creative by Nature

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The following was written in 1997. It’s been almost 20 years since the idea of Cultural Creatives was introduced. With the rise of Internet social networks, Facebook, youtube and blogs are we now witnessing the dawning influence of this group, in the creation of a new world vision, and shifting of cultural paradigms?

A NEW PHENOMENON is emerging in American culture, according to the results of a recent social research survey. We are at a watershed in history, when the country is shifting away from the modern technocratic society toward what sociologist Paul H. Ray calls “Integral Culture,” concerned with spiritual transformation, ecological sustainability, and the worth of the feminine.

For those who espouse these values, Ray’s findings are likely to be very comforting. The standard bearers of Integral Culture, who Ray calls “Cultural Creatives,” now number 44 million. That’s one quarter of the United States population. At this moment in history, he say…

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