Advayavada Buddhism


The Pre-eminence of Existence in Advayavada.

In Advayavada Buddhism, you are asked to accept the pre-eminence of existence over mankind and that the Eightfold Path is an ongoing reflexion, at the level of our personal lives, of existence as a whole becoming over time in its manifest direction. We do not see the Buddha’s Middle Way as an attitude or method that will enable us ‘to escape from the realities of life’ or ‘to make it somehow in spite of things’, as some seem to do, but understand the Buddha’s most fundamental teaching as a means to reconnect and reconcile us with wondrous overall existence as it truly is. We maintain, in short, that to live life the way existence as a whole really is, and not some imagined and idealized form of humanity, is what is to be sought after by men. (from


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