Advayavada Buddhism


Integral Spirituality, Circling and the Evolution of Consciousness

Integral Praxis

In listening to an audiobook on comparative spirituality I realized that I would like to bring Applied Integral Theory to bear on several tools for spiritual awakening and to contextualize circling within that. This is a rough draft:

In Buddhism, there is a focus in on the practices of the Shambhala Warrior; and the “weapons” of such; Compassion and Insight. These qualities are explored through cultivating intimacy with the immediate experience. In Vippassana, students are guided to turn their attention towards the sensations of the body, and to notice what arises while welcoming the experience and cultivating equanimity in relation to it. The relationship between our sensations, our emotions, our impulses and our thoughts are observed through simply noticing what we are noticing.

In Zen Buddhism, sitting with Koans is a common practice. This involves being with raw, open curiosity through inquiry around a given question that might…

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