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Book review: “A Secular Age” by Charles Taylor — History Engineers

Most accounts of secularization are pretty flat: the march of clear and virtuous reason against the suffocating faith of the Middle Ages. Charles Taylor gives much more detailed account than these over-simplifications– and regardless of your background, Taylor’s work is an engaging read.

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Primordial awareness

Zen Flash

Primordial awareness is in essence perfect and pervades everywhere. How could it be dependent upon what anyone does to practice or realize it? The movement of reality does not need us to give it a push. Do I need to say that it is free from delusion? The vast expanse of reality can never be darkened by the dust of presumptions. Who then could believe that it needs to cleaned of such dust to be what it is? It is never separate from where you are, so why scramble around in search of it?– Dogen Zenji

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Great Middle Way


Even when performing ostensibly Dharmic activities, our motivation is fundamental in determining their quality, as karma is volitional action.

One can practice with the intention to obtain any of four goals: universal liberation and enlightenment; individual liberation; higher rebirth; or mundane pleasure, gain, praise, and fame.

Strive for universal liberation and enlightenment. All else is unbecoming a Bodhisattva.

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Four Strategies

All of us come to the Dharma with various degrees of wrong views, previous tendencies and conditioning, false identities, afflicted emotions, and extremely sensitive egos. It takes time and effort to leave them behind, or at least transform them sufficiently so that they are no longer a gross impediment on the path to enlightenment. If […]

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Great Middle Way

morning_dewThe blossom that opens in the morning is scattered by the evening breeze, and the dew, condensed in hours of darkness before dawn, is dispelled by the rays of the morning sun.

Heedless or willfully ignorant of this procession of changes, we dream of prosperity all through life and, without understanding the nature of transience, we hope for longevity.

—Honen Shonin

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Dependent Origination

Great Middle Way

mipham4What is meant by dependent origination? It means that nothing included within inner or outer phenomena has arisen without a cause. Neither have they originated from what are not their causes; that is, noncauses such as a permanent creator, the self, time, or an almighty deity.

The fact that phenomena arise based on the interdependence of their respective causes and conditions coming together is called dependent origination.

—Jamgon Mipham

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Zen is…

No and No

Great Middle Way

46170040_250767079132013_7878854794247405568_nSome ascetics and priests accuse me wrongly, baselessly, falsely, and groundlessly, saying that the recluse Gautama is a nihilist and preaches the annihilation, destruction, and nonexistence of an existent being.

That is what I am not and do not affirm. Both previously and now, I preach suffering and the cessation of suffering.

—Buddha Shakyamuni

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Care — Great Middle Way

One who takes care of oneself takes care of others. One who takes care of others takes care of oneself. How is it that one who takes care of oneself takes care of others? It is by ethical training, ethical culture, and ethical development. And how is it that one who takes care of others […]

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Still Nobler

Great Middle Way


Herein a certain person abstains from taking life, from stealing, and so forth. This one is noble.

Herein a certain other not only abstains from taking life and so forth, but also encourages another to abstain from so doing. This one is still nobler.

—Buddha Shakyamuni

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