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4 Noble Truths as One Evolutionary Cycle — Engage!

Most Buddhists are taught to think of the Four Noble Truths as four separate doctrines, each one leading to the other in succession. Stephen Batchelor teaches it as “the four tasks”, as four separate tasks, practiced successively or simultaneously in combination as a total path. I have begun to think of the Four Noble Truths […]

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Shunyata: Creation without God


I’ve written before about defining shunyata, or ’emptiness’ as “the possibility of existence.”  The great philosophical and scientific question is, why does anything exist at all? The Buddhist answer is shunyata or “emptiness,” the possibility (space, potentiality) of something coming into existence. Even Dzogchen Ponlop once said that emptiness is “room”; Chogyam Trunpa called it “spaciousness.”

Yeah? So what? That’s always been my response to conundrum of emptiness. Even if you figure out what it is, or what it means, what difference does it make?

But I realize now that shunyata became an essential proposition for Buddhist philosophers because they had to explain how the universe began, how the universe was created without a creator-god. If there was no creator-god, then how did it get here?

Their answer: shunyata, emptiness, the possibility of existence. Emptiness as ‘the possibility of existence’ is an essential condition for creation-without-god.

That’s why in…

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