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No and No

Great Middle Way

46170040_250767079132013_7878854794247405568_nSome ascetics and priests accuse me wrongly, baselessly, falsely, and groundlessly, saying that the recluse Gautama is a nihilist and preaches the annihilation, destruction, and nonexistence of an existent being.

That is what I am not and do not affirm. Both previously and now, I preach suffering and the cessation of suffering.

—Buddha Shakyamuni

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Great Middle Way

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The human body contains roughly 30 trillion (30,000,000,000,000) human cells, 84% of them red corpuscles that transport oxygen in the blood.

In a human body, there are also, at least, 39 trillion (39,000,000,000,000) microbes. The proportion is 1.3 microbial cells for each human cell.

We are a minority in “our own” bodies.

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Necessary — Great Middle Way

If your mind is harmonious, you can attain the Way. If you are impetuous about the Way, your impetuousness will tire out your body; and if your body is tired, your mind will become afflicted. If your mind becomes afflicted, then you will retreat from your practice. If you retreat from your practice, your transgressions will certainly increase. You […]

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