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Why I Don’t Shut Up


A while ago, I said I wouldn’t write anymore in-depth articles, and even though that is the case, the blog is still running. As an editor, I truly don’t have time to write those in-depth articles any more – they took me a couple of days work – so those won’t return unless someone else writes them, but I’ve discovered that after a day working with words, though I don’t feel like writing, I’m happy to shoot a video and edit it. And so I’ll share my vlogs (mostly they are less than 12 mins) , plus a few words like this to accompany them and anything else that I come across in my own research that I think you might find unteresting.

As some of you know, I’ve received some nastiness from people over my willingness to talk out on the topic of abuse in Tibetan Buddhism, and not…

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Response to Sogyal Lakar




Thank you for your response to our letter of July 14. We have since met and are of one mind in what follows.

We are encouraged by your willingness to engage in a dialogue with us and that you are taking very seriously the harm your actions have caused. We agree with you that you should seek advice and guidance from the masters who have a genuine care and concern for R, such as DKR and MR. We too have confidence in a number of well respected lamas, whose support and concern have been extended to us.

We are confused that you did not mention that you will seek advice from HHDL, your eldest and senior most teacher. You have always spoken of him with such deep devotion. Certainly at this critical moment his guidance would be precious. Will you seek counsel from HH?

As you know, it was…

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